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Throughout the work week, this cafe has kept me fully sustained and happy :)

Located in the business suites in Pleasant Hill. The lady who owns/runs this cafe is wonderful!

I usually have my breakfast here. They range from a bacon breakfast burrito or a egg and bacon sandwich with milk or orange juice. The food is freshly made and you can see her cook and prepare it. Which I love because it leaves no room for doubts.

Her lunch menu on the other hand is what keeps me coming back for more!!!!

On a daily basis she has different daily specials. Ranging from Orange Chicken with Jasmine rice to Taco salad on the first Tuesday of every month....or my favorite, sushi Fridays!!!!

The portions are big and you litterally get your money's worth!

Slightly pricey but for the wonderful service and the tasty foods it is truly worth it!

There are only two people that work at this cafe so the atmosphere is very homely and similar to a Ma and Pop's venue. The owner, Vicky, she knows most of her customers by first name basis which is awesome! Both her and her employee are super friendly and always brings a smile to the customer's faces :)

I have been going here for the almost fours years now. I don't know why I never check in but I am a HUGE fan of this cafe!!!!

Catch me here three times a week or some times even more! Come on by and taste it for yourself!

Mae Mae P.

Best little cafe in the Pleasant Hill area. Fresh roasted turkey and roast beef made daily. Her specials are always good and reasonably priced. Hidden in the back of an office park but definitely worth finding!

The owner makes a turkey everyday. That's commitment. Place as a result has an outstanding Turkey Club and Turkey Melt.

Evan G.
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